Words and Impressions

Words and Impressions



… must not commit the error of speaking by using language the modest people do not understand, if they have a yearning to speak about elevated esoteric matters, they should do so in the esoteric circle, in Third Chamber or Second Chamber, but not before the people. I believe the people deserve some consideration. The people should be spoken to using simple language, without technical terms of any kind, because the people do not understand those terms. They should be spoken to in very, very simple terms, within everyone’s scope.

A podium should never be used to hurt someone with the word. In no way in the auditorium should you ever try to ridicule or satirize the people, those who are loyal.

The word must come forth from the heart, not from the different psychic aggregates that we possess.

With profound pain I realize that when someone speaks, unfortunately the word comes forth, not from the depths of the Being, but rather from the depths of any inhuman psychic aggregate.

If the word springs forth exclusively from the essence, there would be nothing to object to: it would be pure, perfect, but people have different very developed psychic aggregates. That’s the way it is, that many Directors of Centers, when they address the community, they almost always do so with the purpose of hurling some irony against someone, to humiliate someone, to insult someone, etc. That is to say, the word is not born from the pure essence, it doesn’t spring forth from the Being, but rather it comes from the depths of some “I”, and for that reason it is not spontaneous, it is not pure, it does not produce a creative effect.

Commonly, the word of people has its origin among the entrails of this or that psychic aggregate, whether it’s from envy, whether it’s from anger, whether it’s from self-love, whether it’s from pride, from egoism, from self-sufficiency, from conceit, from ambition, etc. With pain I see that the word never springs forth from the core of the Being, and this is lamentable!

When the word emerges from within the depths of the Being it is full of plenitude and interior beauty. But when the word emerges from the entrails of this or that psychic aggregate, it is conditioned by it; it has no elasticity, it has no ductility, it does not enjoy plenitude, it is not integral, and in the environment it produces discord, problems of all kinds.

The devotees come to the lumisial in order to receive a balsam of comfort in their aching hearts. Yet if instead of giving the devotees honey, you give them gall, what relief are they able to have? How is the Universal Gnostic Movement going to carry on with this behavior? That tendency the some brethren have to react to one another seems horrible to me, absurd. They are not masters of their own psychological processes; if they are “poked” they react, they always react before everything…

Do not forget that in the world that we live in, that for each person there are three kinds of nourishment. The first nourishment you already know: food, it is the least important –it may seem incredible, but that’s the way that it is–. The proof that it’s the least important is that one can live a lot of time up to one month without eating; Mahatma Ghandi lasted up to three months without eating. That food enters through the mouth and goes to the stomach.

The second kind of food is air, respiration, it is related with the nasal passages and the lungs. It is very difficult for us to be able to live, even three or four minutes, without breathing. People normally last one minute without breathing and then comes a syncope. Thanks to training –for example–, we could reach even two and three minutes, that would be the maximum of the maximum, but few or rare are those who are able to live four minutes without breathing. This is indicating to us that the second type of food is even more important than the first food.

Lastly comes the third food, which is even more important. I want to refer in an emphatic way to the impressions. If food did not go so far as to shock the human organism, we would never be nourished, the intestinal system, intestinal tract, the stomach would not function and in general we would die. If the air did not go so far as to shock the lungs and the blood, well the air would serve for nothing. So then, my dear brothers, this third food is more important, because no one can live for even one single second without the food of impressions.

Now then, every food needs to pass through a transformation. The nourishment related with the stomach, or in other words food, needs to pass through a transformation; this transformation is feasible thanks to the digestive system. The food related with respiration, has the lungs as a vehicle of transformation; but for the third type of nourishment, there is no special organ, there is no stomach or lungs to count on; it is necessary to create that third organ!

Everything that reaches our mind comes in the form of impressions. You are listening to me here, you see a man who is speaking to you through a microphone, and all of this is a set of impressions that reach the mind. All the adventures of life, all the emotions and passions, everything that surrounds us, comes to us in the form of impressions.

The air is transformed through the lungs, food is transformed through the stomach, and air and food become vital principles for the organism. Unfortunately, the impressions are not transformed; they remain in the mind without being digested. Impressions that are not “digested” become new psychic aggregates, that’s to say, new “I’s”, and that is very serious.

It is necessary to digest impressions. How? Let’s reflect a little; through the superlative consciousness of the Being.

Normally impressions reach the mind, and the mind reacts against the impressions. If someone insults us, we react with wishes to take vengeance; if someone offers us a glass of wine, we react with wishes to drink, if a person of the opposite sex tempts us, well we feel like fornicating. But we always react in the face of the impacts of the exterior world, and that is very serious.

In the meetings I have seen how the brethren hurt each other. Someone says a word and the one who feels alluded to reacts violently saying something worse. Sometimes what is said is not so crude –it becomes subtle, very decent and accompanied with a smile–, but deep down it carries the terrible poison of violent reaction.

There is no love among the brethren, they have forgotten their own Being, and they only live in the world of the ego, in the world of reaction. When one forgets one’s own Being he reacts violently. If one forgets his own Being in the presence of a bottle of wine, he ends up drunk. If one forgets his own Being in the presence of a person of the opposite sex, he ends up fornicating. If one forgets his own interior profound Being in the presence of an insulter, he ends up insulting. The most serious thing in life, is to forget one self.

So then, it is necessary to transform impressions, and that is only possible by inserting in between the diverse vibrations of the external world and the mind, the consciousness itself. When one inserts in between the impressions and the mind that which is called consciousness, it is obvious that the impressions are transformed into forces and powers of a superior order.

Normally, the impressions are made up by a very heavy Hydrogen: Hydrogen 48. When one inserts the consciousness in between the impressions and the mind, Hydrogen 48 is transformed into 24, which serves as nourishment for the Astral body. At the same time, the excess of the 24 is transformed into Hydrogen 12, which serves as nourishment for the Mental body. And lastly, Hydrogen 12, the excess –I repeat–, is transformed into Hydrogen 6, which serves to nourish the Causal body. But if one does not transform impressions, these become new psychic aggregates, new “I’s”.

So then, we must transform impressions through the consciousness. It is very easy to insert the consciousness in between the mind and the impressions, in between the impressions and the mind. In order to receive the impressions with the consciousness, and not with the mind, we only need to not forget ourselves in a given moment.

If someone, in any moment, hurts us with the word, we must not forget our own Being, we must not allow the mind to react, we must not allow the myself to intervene: self-love, pride, conceit, etc. In those moments only the Being must be in us; we must be concentrated on the Being, so that it’s the Being, the superlative consciousness of the Being, who receives the impressions and digests them correctly. In this way, those horrible reactions are avoided that everyone, one and another, has before the impacts that come from the external world; thus they are completely transformed, and these impressions are transformed into superior forces, they develop in us marvelously.

Friends, I repeat: may the Missionaries not commit the error of reacting violently against their fellowman. The Directors, the Missionaries should cancel that horrible tendency that they have to react, once and for all. If someone says something, let them say it, but why do you have to react against your neighbor? Everyone is free to say what he wants!

In regards to what has to do with me, I affirm what I have to affirm, and if someone refutes me, if someone says the opposite in a given conversation about some problem we have, I limit myself to remain silent; I said what I wanted to say, and that is all…

Why, in private matters, have I wanted to impose a concept by force? That is absurd! To recklessly want to impose our opinion is nothing but the result of reactions, it is the very reaction of the ego, of the mind. And that behavior turns out to be abominable and has formed terrible problems in all of the International Gnostic Movement.

Here, there and everywhere the pulpit has been used to insult, to hurt, and to attack others with the word, and all of this is producing confusion throughout the International Gnostic Movement.

Here end my words!