We need you to learn how to meditate


We need you to learn how to meditate profoundly; that you know how to meditate.

When one has attained true concentration, one arrives at true happiness.

Understand, if I had not had the experience of the Illuminating Void during my life, way back in my youth, I would not be speaking to you now in the way that I am speaking to you. That vivid experience has never disappeared from my consciousness, from my mind, nor from my heart.

It is possible that in a practice of deep meditation the consciousness of a human being can escape from amidst the ego and experience the happiness of the Illuminating Void. It is obvious that if one attains the Illuminating Void one will work with pleasure upon oneself, one will work eagerly, since one will have certainly experienced That which is the Truth, in the absence of the ego. That which is not of time, that which is beyond the body, affections, and the mind.

Here I have taught you a simple way to meditate, because there is a type of meditation that is dedicated to the self-exploration of the ego with the aim of disintegrating it, to turn it into ashes. Yet, there is also another type of meditation that has as its aim to one day arrive at the experience of the real. Hopefully you will be able to achieve it, so that, being internally motivated, you will continue working on yourselves! Nevertheless, I consider that it is necessary to have a mantram that is useful.

The mantra that I am going to give to you tonight is very simple. I gave you one word of this mantra in a previous talk, maybe you will remember it: Gate. But tonight I am going to give the complete mantra, with all the words: Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi-Swaha. You’ve got to record this on the tape recorders and also in your hearts. I repeat: Gaaateeeee, Gaaateeeee, Paragaaateeeee, Parasamgaaateeeee, Booodhiiiii-Swaaaaahaaaaa.

This mantra is pronounced softly, or with the mind and the heart. It can also be pronounced as a silent verb, because there are two types of verbs: the articulated verb and the silent verb. The silent verb is powerful.

Totally relax the body. After it is relaxed, let’s totally surrender to our profound inner God, without thinking of anything, only reciting the complete mantra with the mind and the heart: Gaaateeeee, Gaaateeeee, Paragaaateeeee, Parasamgaaateeeee, Booodhiiiii-Swaaaaahaaaaa

The meditation should be deep, very deep; eyes closed, body relaxed, completely surrendered to our inner God.

Not a single thought should be admitted in these moments. The abandonment to our God should be total; only the mantra should resonate in our hearts.

I understand this mantra opens the Eye of Dagma. This profound mantra will take you one day to experience the illuminating void in the absence of the ego. Then you will know what Sunyata is, then you will understand what the Prajña-Paramita is.

What is needed is perseverance, and with this mantra you will be able to go very far.

It is convenient at some time in life to experience the great reality because it fills us with motivation for the fight against ourselves. That is the advantage of Sunyata. That is the biggest advantage that exists in connection with the experience of the real.

And to take advantage of the meditation and mantra tonight, as we should, let’s enter into meditation with the mantra for a while.

-Samael Aun Weor