Inspirational Words from Master Samael


Be practical, have a lot of faith, do not get tired of these exercises we have given you.

Know that I, Samael Aun Weor, am your Avatar; I am your Buddha Maitreya. I have come down from the higher worlds to teach you, to help you.

I’m with you; invoke me when you need me. It costs you nothing to concentrate intensely on me and invoke me.

You can invoke me mentally and I will come to your call to help you intensely. I’m ready to help you. I want to awaken you! I want to illuminate you! Understood? Know that I haven’t come down from the higher planes to waste time.

I came down to help you; I came down from the higher worlds to work with you, to serve you.

I’m your friend, your true brother who appreciates you with all his heart. You need to have total faith in me. Brothers and sisters, these teachings that you’re receiving will spread over the whole face of the Earth.

The time has come in which we must throw ourselves into the fray with these teachings. The time has come in which we must concern ourselves with profoundly, terribly, deeply knowing ourselves… Understood?

You are not alone! I repeat: you are not alone! I am with you in Spirit and in truth. Hear me, O centuries! Listen, O ages! I am with you in Spirit and in truth! I am very close to you! Every time you think of me I’m with you. I will be with you, my brothers and sisters, until the end of time.

-Samael Aun Weor