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Sydney Gnosis Center

Sydney Gnosis Center has become a beacon of light for those yearning for the direct path towards the awakening of the Consciousness. Offering ongoing classes dedicated to learning about & living Gnosis.

The word Gnosis is derived from the Greek language and means “knowledge of an intuitive nature; the intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths.” Gnosis is a knowledge that cannot be arrived at through books or lectures, but rather through one’s own direct experience. This knowledge or wisdom, therefore, is not found outside of us, but within ourselves.



Know yourself  

“My advice to you, whoever you may be. Oh! You who desire to explore the mysteries of nature. If you do not discover within yourself what you seek, neither will you find it without.

If you ignore the excellence of your own house, how can you aspire to find excellence elsewhere?

Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Oh! Man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”

To the Consciousness

Sleeping Consciousness…

How different you would be if you were to awaken…

You would know the Seven Paths of Happiness,

the Light of your Love would shine everywhere,

the birds would rejoice within the mystery of your forests,

the light of the spirit would shine,

and happy, the elementals would sing for you in chorus.


Join Our Classes

Our curriculum is a weekly course of 33 lessons which spans the course of about a year, serving as a foundation for the further development of the study of esotericism and the science and ethics of meditation in a more in-depth manner.